Health effects of climate change

1. Storms and floods

2. Heatwave

3. Drought

4. Wildfires

5. Infectious Disease

6. Air Pollution

7. Sea Level Rise

8. Food insecurity

9. Poverty

10. Inequality

11. Migration

12. Violent Conflict

13. Climate change and health

Can you answer these fundamental questions? If not, click on the resources below for more information. You can use the resources below to help you answer the questions, and to improve your understanding throughout the case studies on the next page.


  1. What is the evidence for the anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change? What level of certainty or doubt has been established?
  2. Why do health professionals need to understand climate change science?


  1. Medact. Climate science for health professionals. → Access here
  2. Medact. Climate change: health impacts and opportunities. → Access here
  3. World Health Organization. Climate change and human health – risks and responses. → Access here
  4. Medical Peace Work E-book 4: Structural violence and the underlying causes of violent conflict → Access here