Bridging the divide

Bridging the Divide: The context

Imagine you are a frontline healthcare worker in a war-torn country...

This case is based on a real-life situation in an area affected by armed insurgency in south-east Asia. The conflict is ongoing, and the characters presented here have been anonymised.

The events are taking place in a predominantly Buddhist country, in districts which have a large Muslim population. For over three decades, a small group within the Muslim population has been fighting for self-determination. The Buddhist national government has used various strategies to quell this armed insurgency, mostly through a military response.

In the past several months there has been an escalation in the conflict and, for the first time, violence has involved a health facility. A number of villages in this district are directly controlled by the insurgents, and government officials have limited access to them. The government district hospital employs both Buddhist and Muslim staff, and it serves both communities. Worryingly, you are now receiving reports of a disease outbreak in these villages...

The Challenges

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